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Pet Cadet App

Pet Cadet proudly uses the Scout mobile app. The Scout for Pet Parents mobile app provides a powerful tool to communicate your needs, stay informed, and feel confident that your pet is in good hands.

Whether you are on the go or on the couch, Pet Cadet’s app gives you the freedom to schedule appointments wherever and whenever it’s convenient. Services are easy to schedule, change or cancel through the app.

With a few taps you can enter your card details. Services are completed, your account is charged and a receipt is emailed to you. You don’t have to lift a finger to pay for Pet Cadet services.

From booking, to billing, to service completion, Pet Cadet keeps you in the know through fully-automated email notifications. Keeping everyone on the same page makes for happy parents and less uncertainty.

Capturing Beloved Moments

What do you love almost as much as your pets? Photos of your pets! After a service is completed, photos are uploaded and instantly available in the End of Service report that’s sent to you via email. Pictures are also available in the Scout for Pet Parents app any time.

Providing Peace of Mind

Using GPS tracking in-app, pet parents receive a detailed map of where your pet ventured for the day. GPS tracking keeps you informed, provides peace of mind and records distance walked.

You’re In The Know

Did your pet eat? Did he pee? Did she poop? Did your pet get its medication? These questions and more are answered for every appointment in a detailed end of service report card. After ending an appointment, the report card is instantly sent to you via email. Pet Cadet keeps everyone in sync and informed.